Hygge in the Bedroom


One of my favorite rooms in my house is our bedroom. There are endless ways to implement hygge in a bedroom. One of my favorite ways to do that is place a lot of pillows, cozy blankets, and candles around the room. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is incredibly easy and fun. One important piece of the puzzle is to make sure the room is clutter free, clean, and functional. Making sure select pieces of furniture are placed in practical places and yet is an equally inviting space. I like to put seating areas in front of windows. I like feeling as though my yard is a part of my home just like the living room. In the master bedroom I created a seating area in front of the bay window. I enjoy looking out at the snow, rain or sunshine. However, my dog seems to be enjoying the hygge seating area more than I do these days. She always snags the chair before I can sit down.

There are many pros to creating a hygge bedroom. For instance, creating a more intimate environment for you and your partner can really create a space for relaxation and allow people to open up and create closer and more meaningful connections with your lover.  You can also achieve better and deeper sleep in a cozy and clean environment. That is a no brainer right there. It should feel as if the bedroom itself is lulling you off to sleep. Achieving deeper sleep means a more restorative and rejuvenating sleep experience. I also like to add natural outdoor sounds on a low volume speaker and defuse organic essential oils through a diffuser. My favorite and one of the more popular choices to use in the diffuser is lavender essential oil. It is proven to promote restful sleep. A hygge bedroom is also a space of solitude or sanctuary when it needs to be. When I walk into a day spa I immediately feel relaxed, calm and tranquil. My cares seem to melt away and I’m left with my happy thoughts and maybe a complementary mimosa. I don’t see why I can’t create that exact same spa feeling in my own home… mimosa included.

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