Hygge on the Road


They say you are what you eat. I also say you are what you think. If you are constantly flooding your body and mind with generalized negativity you’d better believe your happiness will suffer. It’s not always easy. I know this because traffic is my kryptonite. The tolerance on the road is almost nonexistent in my city. People will fly their middle fingers loud and proud even if they are in the wrong. I don’t know about you but that’s not how I would prefer to start my day. So, I work on channeling my hygge on the road by playing good happy music and sitting back comfortably in my seat. I often find myself leaning forward as though I’m ready to defend my Jeep’s honor should someone decide to challenge me. However, I also believe that drivers are more aware when their stress levels are lowered. You should also avoid being in a hurry on both Long-term and short-term road trips. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination safely. After all a little patience has always gone along way for me. I have a collage of memories in the form of stickers attached to the hard plastic roof in my Jeep. People like to ask me about them and it fills me with joy to share my stories. Those stickers are my badges of accomplishments. I use the stickers as a reminder to maintain a positive hygge mental state while driving. I have my mother to thank for reminding me to stay safe on the road. You might consider her as my hygge guru. If I feel like I’m not in the correct mental state of mind to think through a stressful situation I can call her and she immediately grounds me. If you know someone like that try placing them at the top of you speed dial. Positive people make the hygge world go round. Now I focus primarily on being safe and calm on the road and it has transformed my commute to work. I am safer, happier and hardly bothered by all the other unhappy people on the road. I no longer view it as “the drive to work” it is now my uninterrupted meditation time as I prepare for my day with my coffee in hand.

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