Creating a Hygge Backyard – Project Part 1

I have a wonderfully bare waterfall pond that needs some serious love. There are two waterfalls that both feed into the same pond. I want to create a better and more visually appealing space in my backyard. I have created plans of my own to introduce a variety of plants and lighting to accomplish it!

The first part of the project was to drain the pond and remove the pine needles, debris and sludge. My husband and I then needed to rearrange the rocks. I estimated about 4 years of neglect based on what the neighbors have said about the pond’s history. The clean-up took about 6-8 hours in total.

Once that was completed, I planted hydrangeas along the left hand side by the fence. I was instructed to plant in early spring. This will give the roots time to establish themselves. Then I will plant the creeping thyme along the far side of the pond and plant lavender hedges up the right sides as well. I will also put potted lavender in other places around the yard so the lavender scent will drift throughout the yard on breezy summer days. The picture below shows my baby hydrangeas.

The fun part of creating your own outdoor space is that you may choose something completely different. Using your creativity is a great way to learn about yourself.

However, I do recommend creating a place in the yard that draws visitors in and relaxes them as well. It’s fulfilling to see others enjoying your hard work. I have always enjoyed spending time in the well maintained gardens of friends and family.

The project will come with its challenges but I’m excited to meet them.

Why I chose:

English Lavender: I have chosen lavender for the tranquil scent it releases. I also chose it for the grayish purple color. It’s a very peaceful color in my opinion. I started the lavender by seeds but their germination rate was low. I may need to go to a nursery to buy lavender plants to transplant.

PeeGee and Nikko Hydrangeas: I selected these two types for their pink and blue colors. I have planted the in the pattern of blue-pink-blue. I planted them about one week ago. The colors of the two types of hydrangeas will bring relaxation with their lulling color combination. Right now, I am watering them and hoping their root systems are growing strong. They should be about 4 feet high and spread to about 3 feet in diameter.

Creeping Thyme: I chose this ground cover plant, which I have started from seeds as well. I hope it will creep along the rocky edges filling in the rocks with vibrant color. They should be a purple/pink color. Eventually, I hope to plant them all through the raised rock bed. My hope is that the plant will look like a flowery ground covering carpet. So far these seedlings are doing exceptionally well!

I can’t wait to continue to update this project. Please feel free to comment and share what makes your garden fill your soul with a little hygge.

2 thoughts on “Creating a Hygge Backyard – Project Part 1

  1. We have similar taste in plants! I planted a lavender plant last spring. Sadly the beavers must have eaten it in the fall. Hydrangeas are one of my favourites. I planted creeping thyme a few years ago. It takes awhile, but does “creep” as it’s name implies. Wishing you success on your vision!

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    1. Sounds like we have very similar tastes! Thank you for the info on the thyme! I don’t have a background in creeping thyme so the “creeping” tip helps! The lavender is proving to be difficult to start as seedlings. I’m not giving up though! I’ll continue to post updates as the weather continues to get warmer! ☀️


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