When you Give a Man a Cave

As a millennial newly wed, I still find it hard to believe when men tell me they don’t have any personal space in their own home. I grew up feeling that everyone should have a special space. It probably stems from being given the freedom to decorate my own room growing up. Either way, I feel that it is instrumental that a person has a space where they can freely express themselves.

So ladies, give your man his cave! I talk a lot about how important it is to have spaces that reflect an individuals personality. This hands down applies to our men as well.

I have friends that ask me why I gave the basement to my husband. Well, I have two answers to that question. First, I didn’t decided anything, WE decided. Secondly, I simply wouldn’t feel good about decorating an entire home with the things I think are hygge and cozy and not give him the same freedom in his own space.

Also, there are rules to this arrangement. I have no jurisdiction to his man cave. My husband may decorate and fill the space with whatever makes him happy.

The space does not need to be large or grand and it can be a space that you and your partner can agree on together. However, large or small, a man needs what I call “his freedom space”.

My husband might not realize it but when he works on his hobbies and takes time to himself he’s practicing hygge. It might not be what I feel fuels my inner hygge but that’s why it’s so amazing. The interpretations are endless. Creating a state of happiness is a wonderful feeling and men should be allowed to have that… even if that means getting covered in grease and cranking wrenches on his car until 3 o’clock in the morning.

But just remember…

When you give a man a cave…. he’s going to ask for a bottle of beer…

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