Wake-up Earlier with Hygge


I’m typically a morning person. I can imagine that some of you can relate happily while others are cringing at the idea of waking up before 8am.

Well, I love mornings because I feel like I have the world to myself for a little while. Mornings are quiet and I feel like the day and I get to wake up together. I usually begin by putting on a cozy robe and making espresso or tea. If it’s warm enough I prefer to sit outside and enjoy my backyard in my favorite patio chair. I like to disconnect from technology for a little while and watch my dog patrol our backyard. She’s a wonderful companion and provides a lot of entertainment as she actively defends our property from the nut stealing squirrels.


I find it better to relax in the morning versus rushing out the door. I’m rarely in a hurry because I make sure to give myself plenty of time. It sounds simple and it is. I’m able to be in a state of hygge in the morning and I get to stay that way all day. By choosing happiness at least I’m one more happy person in the world. I work in customer service and if more people made the choice to be happy everyday it could literally translate to a world of happier people. That sounds pretty hygge to me.

One luxury that anyone can have is time. Give yourself the gift of time by waking up earlier. My time has become very important to me. Both my husband and I have realized there is a balance between accommodating other people and accommodating ourselves. Last weekend we had company in-town and it was nice but it was also stressful. It can be very stressful to run on someone else’s schedule. Therefore, this weekend will be spent recuperating by prioritizing our time and the things we need to accomplish.

As I continue to observe my yard while disconnected from technology, I begin to notice things I haven’t seen before. For example, if I was on my phone I might not have noticed the little ladybug perched next to me on my chair or that it had only one little black spot.

Mornings are a peaceful time of day, so grab a cup of coffee and something that makes you happy like a book, coloring book, or just your thoughts and go outside and hygge.

My helpful tips to wake up earlier:

  1. Don’t close your curtains all the way at night. Allow the sun to peak through and help you wake up more naturally and earlier.
  2. If you enjoy coffee put your coffee pot on a timer so that it brews when you want to wake up. This way you will wake to the smell of your favorite coffee.
  3. Pick an alarm that is soothing and not obnoxious. The reason for this is so that you don’t condition yourself to a sound that makes you unhappy. If you set your alarm to a sound that you dread you will wake up flooding your body with negativity and you’ll wake up feeling grumpy. Personally, I wake up to Disney’s “Heigh-Ho” because usually its off to work I go. But, it also makes me smile because it’s a fun song to listen to.
  4. Have a breakfast you can look forward to each day. Even if that means a balanced breakfast and then treating yourself with a sweet biscotti to pair with that delicious espresso. Another good treat is a bowl of berries drizzled with fresh cream.
  5. A good way to wake up earlier is to try to keep the bedroom clean. This way I wake up and my things are organized and ready to go for my day. Now, I’m not perfect on this one but it really is nice to wake up and have my closet organized.
  6. Try picking out your clothes the night before. This way you won’t need to wonder what you are going to wear in the morning. After all, picking out an outfit can have its challenges and it can quickly ruin any morning. So getting it out-of-the-way can be very beneficial.

Feel free to comment below and share what helps you wake up earlier!


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