It’s Okay to be Selfish Sometimes


The term millennial has both negative and positive connotations attached to it. However, one positive thing that millennials bring to the table is their ability to explore new ways to express themselves. I personally happen to be very connected to the idea behind hygge. Which is why I have made it an important part of my life long before I knew there was a Danish word for it. So, how do I maintain my sanity and happiness in a world that can be so negative?

Well, I’m sure you have guessed my answer. Hygge. Let me be clear though, it’s not a be-all and or end-all solution. However, it is an excellent mental tool to have on hand. I have changed the way I think and I continue to work on being an embodiment of hygge. I’m not perfect but that is my personal goal. Since I have made the conscious effort to be more hygge, good things have happened and I am definitely happier. I can tell you that my good days outweigh my bad days by a significant margin.

I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by amazing friends and family. I am also incredibly lucky to be newly married to a good man. However, I had to work on myself first to really propel those friendships and relationships forward. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes especially, as a millennial. Being selfish might be the best thing a person could do for themselves in a world full of distractions and media driven negativity. It is easy to get caught up in social media. It can be hard to figure out what you really want achieve in life when other people’s lives are being broadcasted in front of us on a daily basis. A good analogy to explain this would be when a flight attendant instructs passengers to securely fasten their own oxygen mask before assisting others. It is vital that you are 100% confident in your own happiness before you begin reaching out to others. Otherwise, you run the risk of spreading yourself to thin.

Some people will fuel your happiness. They will be the people who genuinely build you up, encourage you, pray for your successes and be supportive through any failures. Although, you need to be careful of the people who drain the energy from you. These friends are toxic to your happiness. One trend I have noticed with toxic people is that they tend to be uncomfortably competitive and argumentative. They compete in conversations, life, money, societal status and even morals.  It’s in your best interest to keep those people at a distance. Which can be hard to do at first because they can be the most demanding friends. So by being confident in your own happiness you are able to defend against those toxic relationships and maintain mental hygge. Have you ever gone to lunch with a friend and left feeling completely drained? By implementing hygge, you are able to let the toxicity go and move forward with your day instead of dwelling on it.

I continually work to maintain a hygge centered home.  I focus on using decor that encourages hygge and creates the perfect environment to feel surrounded by warmth and positive energy. To complement what I said earlier, my husband and I have realized that by focusing on each other we have more time to be happy and in love. We are able to communicate better and understand each other even if we disagree on a subject. Then, when it comes time to socialize we are in the right frame of mind to be there for our friends and family. As well as, being more capable to take the good with the bad.

So kick off your shoes, relax, be selfish and have some good old-fashioned quiet time.

7 thoughts on “It’s Okay to be Selfish Sometimes

  1. Dang, this is very insightful! I completely agree with social media broadcasting everyone’s lives before us and how draining some people can be! Definitely need to do some more research on Hygge!

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  2. Great post! It’s totally okay to take time for yourself! Reminds me of the quote I posted on the three day three quote challenge: “You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first.”
    I feel when you love yourself, you have the energy and excess love to give to others!:)

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