Creating a Hygge Backyard – Project Part 2

This is a small update but an update nonetheless. The yard is beginning to bloom! Some of our ground cover plants are doing well. Our clematis is also doing really well and it looks like it will bloom beautifully when the summer comes.

My husband and I were able scoop out the last of the sludge in the bottom of the pond. We rearranged the rocks and made sure they were secure. Then we filled the pond back up with water and turned the pumps on for the first time this year. Everything worked perfectly! The sound of the two waterfalls proudly surrounds the backyard. One way of implementing hygge in the backyard is by adding the sound of running water. You can create a small DIY pond or add a small fountain. The options are endless especially if you’re looking to Pinterest for inspiration. I enjoy the relaxed feeling I get when I hear the sound of running water. The hard-work has paid off and I have earned my glass of wine while I curl up in my favorite patio chair as I just sip and listen.

Empty Pond


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