6 Ways to Reset Throughout the Day


I created a few ways to help myself reset to keep a clear head throughout the day. It’s important for me to utilize them and I’m constantly advising my friends to do these same things. My tricks are useful at work, around stressful people, during stressful situations and even at home when I just need a moment to myself.

6 Fun Ways to Reset Throughout the Day

  1. Take 5 minutes to step away from what you’re doing. Go on a 5 minute social media binge, take a walk, or brew some tea. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as your head is disconnected from your previous task.
  2. Write 10 things that make you happy on a sheet of paper. Sounds silly but don’t cheat. Actually write them down and don’t think of them only in your head. Reference the list when you need it and then continue to add to it. Eventually it will be full of good notes to look at.
  3. Do something to make someone else’s day better. For example, when I noticed my husbands running shoes were in rough shape I bought him a new pair as a surprise. I spent 5-10 minutes picking them out online and afterward I felt good knowing his feet would feel better and I was excited to surprise him.
  4. Try smiling for 30 seconds non-stop. If that doesn’t lift your mood then I don’t know what will… It works even better when you do this one with a friend.
  5. Lay on the floor in the yoga position called “corpse pose”. Lay flat on your back with your arms to the side. Then take continuously slow and deep breaths until you find yourself relaxing into the floor. This is one of my favorite ways to reset. I’ve done this many times when I’m stressed and it works like a charm. I often find myself laying in different places all over my house. My husband has found me resetting all over the house including the kitchen counters.
  6. This last one might seem counterintuitive, however, I find it incredibly helpful. If I need a moment to reset I’ll think of something that’s bothering me about myself and create a solution. If I make the conscious effort to improve myself it makes me feel in control again. An example of this would be when I eat poorly a few days in a row. I do not feel 100% and my energy levels will go down. So today, I have made the decision to eat better so I can start feeling better.

AND if none of those work there’s nothing like resetting your day with a bestfriend and a few cocktails after work.

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