My Top 5 Cozy Hygge Drinks


When I’m not drinking water you can almost guarantee that I will have a cozy beverage in my hands. A good drink is always enough to relax me and put me in a good mood. Nothing gives me that hygge bliss like a good soul fulfilling drink. It can be many different types of drinks. Everyone has their preferences and the following 5 drinks are some of mine! I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment below with your favorite drinks!

  1. Coffee – Need I say more? Coffee is something I look forward to in the mornings! It’s fulfilling enough just to hold it. As a child my Mom would let me hold her coffee because my hands were always cold. I enjoyed it because I got to sit next to her as well. My Mom has a set of coffee mugs that are painted blue with a white cross hatch woven pattern around the middle. When I moved away I asked my Mom for a mug. I now sip my coffee out of that mug and it makes my hygge cup flow over. A little reminder of watching my Mom sip her coffee while she worked on her hobbies.
  2. Tea, tea, tea – I love tea! Sleepy-time teas are my favorite at bed-time. Just add a little lemon and honey and you’re on your way to a restful nights sleep. I have found that tea calms my thoughts. I try to focus on enjoying my tea and  to think positive thoughts before bed. I also love earl grey, green, chai and berry flavored teas. Teas that have fruity flavors are wonderful in the afternoon time. English breakfast tea isn’t my favorite but it’s also a popular choice for mornings as you can probably deduce from the name.
  3. Hot Apple Cider – this is obviously a fall drink. However, in the summer around a bonfire on a cool night, hot cider is the best. You might even make it a spiked cider!
  4. Mulled Wine – this is a fan favorite when I share it with my friends. It’s a spiced wine served hot… talk about feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside!!!
  5. The Hot Toddy – Hands down this drink is an all time favorite! I make mine with a mug almost full of hot water, 2 shots of Jameson, a wedge of lemon, a few slices of ginger root and a tablespoon of honey. This drink will steer you in all the right directions!

Helpful tip: Put the honey in the mug before you pour in the hot water in. It will help the honey disperse into the hot water as you pour. You won’t have to work as hard stirring around the wedges of lemon and the ginger slices to mix in the honey in after the fact.

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