The Cozy Corner – Guest Rooms


A cozy guest room is something I take pride in!  I want my home to be a place where people feel rejuvenated and refreshed.  I hope people want to come visit because they know it will be a good time and also relaxing.  The guest room should feel like a little retreat.  Here are some personal tips to cozy up the rooms where you have your friends and loved ones stay when they visit.

The first thing my eyes gravitate to is the bed.  I love sleep!  So a fresh fluffy bed gives me all the cozy vibes.  I picked out white sheets, a spring comforter and a brown faux fur blanket to make the bed.  The next things I absolutely love are pillows.  Some people might find them obnoxious but I love putting a decorative pillow between my knees, behind my back and sometimes I’ll snuggle a pillow in my arms.  So I love layering pillows at the head of the bed for the enjoyment of others!


Once the bed looks cozy I move on to the essentials.  I have an old 1920’s radio that I have placed in the room.  This radio serves as the shelf to place the things I think guests might need.  Especially for that last minute guest.  I have a basket on the radio filled with extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, toiletries, razors, soaps, bath salts, oatmeal bath soaks, face wash etc. Next to those items I have a humidifier/essential oil diffuser since we live in a dry climate.  This way the guests don’t wake up with dry throat and the essential oils (like eucalyptus) help them breathe better at night.  Quick tip: go easy on the essential oils. Some people are more sensitive than others.  I also have a sign posted that says “welcome” with the WiFi password on it.  In addition to those items I have an arrangement of assorted towels in a wooden basket for a hotel vibe. I place that basket on the chair in the room or on the bed for presentation purposes. I just love to spoil my guests.  My friends and family deserve it!

Eventually, I would like to have a tiny espresso station and a mini bar just for fun to complete the hotel vibe.

How do you prepare for guests? Comment below!



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