The Cozy Corner – The Joy of the Reading Nook


I’m obsessed with a good reading nook. Also, it’s not just a place to read books.  It can be a place to enjoy some quiet time or just sit and think.  I find myself sitting in my nook sometimes because I just want a moment to relax.  There’s nothing like taking a moment to sink into a favorite chair.  I have a wrap my mother knit draped over the chair.  When I sit down I wrap it around my shoulders and it’s like a knitted hug from my mother. Talk about being cozy! Then I snuggle into my chair and take a deep breath and relax.  Here are just a few items to help complete that cozy sitting area.  I recommend a cozy blanket/wrap, a visual that you can enjoy (like a plant or shadow box table as pictured), and a space to place these item in their permanent home.  This way you can count on these items being there when you need a moment to chill. Sometimes you just need a moment to grab a cozy drink, sit, kick off those shoes, and sink in to that cozy hygge filled nook.

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