A Thoughtful Moment


I began this journey to create a positive corner in the blogging world. My hope is to create content that makes everyone feel good when they visit my blog. I hope it’s a place readers can return to and always feel uplifted.

The world is such a beautiful place when you step away from the negativity that seems to be fueling our social media. There is so much negativity out there but not here! My blog is a place of all things happy, fun, cozy and hygge. I have enjoyed the comments and support given to me already. I’m equally excited to continue my journey with each of you and to be a bright spot in someone’s day. If you need encouragement, I’m in your corner. If you need a laugh check out my cat stuffing his face here.

I genuinely hope everyone has a wonderful hygge day. I’m personally enjoying a cup of tea at work while the rain falls peacefully outside.

How are you embracing your inner hygge today?

10 thoughts on “A Thoughtful Moment

  1. I found a book about hygge today and thought of your blog!! I actually took some time to myself for once by taking a morning off. It was so neat to find a book and think of your blog while finding my own hygge moment all at once! Thanks for writing and sharing with us. It really is inspirational.

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    1. This a is really awesome comment! Thank you! I’m so glad you thought of my blog. I’m even more glad that you’re finding hygge helpful and that you have the morning off for yourself! I hope your morning is wonderful. Enjoy today! ☀️

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    1. I wish I could take credit for the photo. Although I do try to choose pictures that mimic the things I have at home. I have a clear tea mug that’s my absolute favorite! I’m glad you enjoyed the picture! I think tomorrow would be the perfect hygge day! ☀️

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