Outdoor Entertaining – with a hygge twist


Summer is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited!  The world is blooming and ready for adventures.  I enjoy sunshine, being outside and I love to entertain guests.  Summer isn’t exactly your notoriously cozy “sweater weather”.  So here are a few suggestions to elevate your summer patio decor with my favorite hygge accents. Especially, when you’re surrounding yourself with the warmth of family and friends.  After all, there’s nothing quite like a hygge filled evening with friends and family to fill you with the wonderful warm and fuzzies. 

  1. Candles – I love tea candles because they are small and you can get creative! Especially on outdoor surfaces!  I think they get overlooked a lot but having a stack of tea candles around is always a good idea.  You can use plain water glasses to put the tea candles in if you don’t already have a holder for them.
  2. Lanterns – nothing says “home” like lanterns lighting up the yard. I’ve placed the lanterns in the yard to outline the garden beds. They work amazingly.  IKEA has lanterns that range from $5-$25.  Which are pictured above.  The solar lanterns were purchased as a set of four on amazon.  They also have a great variety of lantern choices for very affordable prices. 10d27ea3-7cbc-4cbf-921f-077b230fd33d
  3. Pillows – outdoor pillows are great.  They have an added coziness and they really add to the decor of a table.  In my opinion it excites people to sit around the table because they instantly feel cozy and comfortable. 
  4. Placemats – they are very simple but placemats really pull the table together and complete the cozy look! These placemats were also found on amazon.
  5. Fire – a small fire in the background adds the sound of crackling wood and really sets the mood!
  6. Water-sounds – I’m fortunate to have a pond with two waterfalls that sound beautiful… But maybe you live in an apartment… Well…
  7. Music – Play good mood music!  You can even play nature sounds over a speaker to give that same waterfall sound effect!  When I had my first apartment I did this all the time on the patio!
  8. Don’t forget, the absolute most important part of hygge entertaining is being surrounded by your loved ones. ❤ 

8 thoughts on “Outdoor Entertaining – with a hygge twist

    1. I personally love succulents! I keep a variety of succulents in a little greenhouse to keep my cat safe. Many succulent varieties are toxic to cats! So be careful if you have a kitty! I’ll pull my little succulents out on the table and use them as decor outside as well! Also, I’m trying to grow Hydrangeas (pink and blue), lavender for their smell, and creeping thyme (purple) around the yard to add color! The succulents I have are: jade, haworthia (a personal favorite), echeveria, and flaming Katy are another favorite! I found mine in the floral department at my local grocery store but any Lowe’s or Home Depot should have a great variety as well. Succulents are also incredibly easy to take care of! If you haven’t already you might like my backyard project posts which can be found in the menu bar on my site! I hope this was helpful! ☀️☀️

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  1. That last comment… That hygge needs the people you love to be with you… that’s the secret we have to get across. I am loving the blog. I’ve got a spare hour and I’m trawling your archive.

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    1. Aw yes exactly!! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I agree with you 100%. We need to share the importance of being surrounded by loved ones. It makes my soul happy when I’m surrounded with the people I love and we are sharing stories, laughing and learning together. Those are the type of memories I want to cherish. ☀️ I have also spent time stopping by your blog and have really enjoyed it! I look forward to your future posts. I’m glad we’re in the same niche!! ☀️

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