A Hygge Adventure and A Generation Gap


It was a hot summer day and I was about 10 years old.  I had just seen the Lewis and Clark Expedition in the local IMAX theater.  I left the theater inspired and excited and I could barely sit in my seat.  It was one of the first IMAX films I had watched!  In the film, Lewis and Clark collected all different kinds of knowledge and specimens. 

I remember leaving ready to begin my very own adventure!  There was so much to explore. I needed to round up my supplies.  So I asked my Dad to “pretty please” get the toboggan out of the basement for me.  Next, I grabbed my backpack some snacks and my mothers box of ziplock bags.  Which she wasn’t very happy about when she finally noticed… sorry mom!  After that I grabbed my Lisa Frank notebook and a matching pencil and began my journey! 

I collected all different types of flowers, leaves, dirt samples, rocks and grasses putting them in individual baggies. I put my backpack and samples on the toboggan and pulled it around the neighborhood. I then tried to sketch the specimens as best I could.  I even made up my very own names for my them.  It was a grand adventure through the eyes of a 10 year old. To this day it puts a smile in my heart.  This particular memory falls into my list of hygge memories.  I love to reminisce because it makes me happy to think of all the adventures I created as a child.  I hope to inspire my future children in the same way, to explore and create. 

So back to the present. Today is sunny and 75 degrees.  It’s the perfect spring day.   I had a conversation with a child and he was about 10 years old.  He was bored and he didn’t know what to do.  I offered him chalk to draw outside, I offered to teach him hopscotch, I even recommended playing basketball outside and he looked at me pondering his options and said…

“No, I would rather play on my phone”

14 thoughts on “A Hygge Adventure and A Generation Gap

  1. That is a nice article, very good writing. We are in the age of the cell phone, the good thing about it is we all have a tool in our hands where we can learn anything about everything, the bad thing is most people just use it to play games.
    Have a super wonderful day.

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  2. I think the new generation kids are missing so many wonderful things. I remember my parents scolding me for always being outside, playing. Now I see kids who don’t want to go out. I have many friends who give their toddlers phones/tablets, otherwise they won’t eat. And these small beings can change somgs, close ads etc. Advancement at its peak!!!

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  3. I could see the imagery of you as a child having those adventures. Sign of a good story teller!

    Ahh, when we were 10 years old we didn’t have phones. I remember my Mum had one of those classic Nokia phones that I would play snake on. I wonder what kind of phone this 10 year old boy had??

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      1. An iPhone!!!! Those things are the most fragile pieces of tech that has ever graced the public market! I hope he at least had a proper case on it! Snake was truly the best game. There are recent app games for it, but they look all new and colourful. It’s just not the same as the black&white one we grew up with.


  4. Oh wow..!!
    There is gonna be gen. Gap like this.
    My brother is 11 years older and always has his head in phone playing games..
    And when I was his age… I used to spend much of my time playing on field…

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